ADDO offers a number of services to the Haitian community in Dory. Services are offered to these people based on their needs and limited resources.

For the people of Dory, Haiti we provide:

• Fresh-water drinking wells
• Basic health care
• Education for the children
• Homes for the homeless
• Improvement to farming practices
• Assistance to Recreational Centers

You can Donate Money, goods or equipment, Or you can contact us to organize sponsorship of a Haitian child in-need. Either way, You will be helping those in dire circumstances, to help them rebuild their lives.


The members of ADDO were once residents of Dory, Haiti. They know what it's like to wake up every morning and not have the bare necessities, and to have to walk for miles for drinkable water and supplies. They know what it's like to not go to school because their parents can't afford it, or not having access to basic health care to screen for diseases. The lack of medical support often resulted in sever sickness, especially for children.

Some members live in South Florida and understand the needs of the people in these communities. Again, ADDO aims to provide basic necessities (free of charge) to all those they support.



The village of Dory offers few essentials for the survival of its people. Dory lacks fresh running water, medical supplies and equipment, drainage systems or accessibility to food stores/supplies. Currently, no external assistance is provided to the village. ADDO provides a number of services to the people of Dory to help in many of these areas.

One of the most important services ADDO provides is education for the youth in the communities they serve. Education provides long-term, sustainable benefits to these communities and allows them to become more self-sufficient over the longer-term.

Fresh running water helps to maintain the health of those in the village. Medical aide and supplies helps those who are sick or ill. New drainage systems help reduce the spread of infections and parasites. Adequate food stores helps everyone, but importantly, provides the children of Dory with healthy development and access to vital nutrients.



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