Those that help sponsor our Scholarship program for the youth in Dory are important to us. Below are those that have helped us in this cause. The gold stars below represent the number of children each person has sponsored for the 2016/2017 school year.

In the United Sates

Belizaire Pierre G
Cherestal Joel
Cherestal Nicole
Michel Nau
Semajuste Julio
Timeus Pierre-Louis
Altidor William
Cherestal Camille
Fontus Luc
Fontus Magalie
Nazere Toles
Pierre Martine
Robert A. Dubois
Semajuste Analite
Semajuste Nadine
Astrel Bedard
Marcelene Pierre
Marie Solene Misselyn
Chantal M. Cherestal
Bertrand Koraly
Cherestal Joseph
Genise Marcelin
Semajuste Jacques
Pierre Rudel
Koraly Bertrand
Belizaire Geneva
Jacqueline Charles
Toussaint Joceny
Carline Saint Jean


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