Solving Haiti’s Real Problem: Poverty

Haiti’s humanitarian disaster has brought an outpouring of support from around the world. Awareness of Haiti’s extreme level of suffering is seemingly at an all-time high, and that has helped non-profit organizations active in the country raise much-needed funds. But the massive destruction, suffering and loss of life were largely avoidable, and unless the systemic […]


ADDO is Lighting the Way for the People of Dory, Haiti

Hurricanes, floods, malnutrition, political upheaval, inadequate medical services and restricted access to education have left multiple generations of Haitians struggling to cope and survive. When the basic necessities are beyond reach hopes and dreams die a sad and easy death; talented young people with amazing gifts to share lose their belief in a brighter future, […]


Investing in People to Fight Poverty in Haiti

Poverty rates in Haiti are sky-high and have been for years. International aid has helped take the edge off the country’s most extreme poverty, but the overall impact is minor and has not changed the reality of underdevelopment and runaway misery that defines daily existence for most of the country’s population. Poverty and Deprivation by […]


ADDO: Bringing Hope to the Forgotten in Haiti

The sheer scale of ongoing suffering experienced by the people of Haiti is overwhelming, and in many parts of the country the situation has remained dire for decades. Poverty, hunger, the absence of medical care and a lack of access to education are chronic problem in this nation of almost 11 million people, where political […]



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